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    Anyone doing biomedical sciences starting 2012 or have any advice for those starting?

    (Original post by hannahvm :))
    Anyone doing biomedical sciences starting 2012 or have any advice for those starting?
    Hey! I'm a first year doing biological sciences, which is basically the same apart from two modules! What kinds of things would you like to know?
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    Anything you think would be useful or you wish you knew when you first started would be useful!

    Ooooh, that's a tough one! You've put me on the spot here! Well, I can't really think of anything much... I offer to help then not do a very good job of it!

    Have you any specific questions about the course? I could probably answer that a little better
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    What books are essential and how much should I be looking to spend on them?

    Also how many hours of lectures a week should I be expecting?

    Volume of work? Lab reports? How many practicals a month?

    Overload of questions sorry!

    Reet, I'll get cracking on your questions!

    Each module has a recommended textbook, but they're not essential; you can survive without them and there are copies in the library! Two books that I bought were: "Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Science" as it's written with the SAS module in mind, but if you have a good maths background, you'll be fine. The other was "How To Write About Biology" just to help with lab reports and knowing what they expect you to write. Both were pretty cheap from Amazon secondhand.

    You'll be in uni about 13 hours a week, with an A and B week. So depending on modules, that's lecture time.

    Volume of work isn't too bad, a few assignments in the first semester, and then more in the second. I think there were 3 or 4 in first semester. You'll do a lab report as one of your assignments, it's mainly recording observations etc. You'll have at least 1 lab per week I think.

    Overload of information there! If have any more questions or need anything clearing up, let me know
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    Sorry for the late reply- exams and revision beckon me!

    Thanks for answering the questions! Cleared a lot up for me and made me feel a lot calmer about it all!
    If I think of anything else I will let you know!

    Also halls, etc? What were yours and your experiences? And any hints on best clubs and student nights?


    No problem, I hope they're all going okay!

    Here to help! Cool, I always check here every couple of days, so I can try and answer them all!

    Well, I'm not on campus, I'm in halls in the centre. Are you looking at Student Village, cos I can ask and see what people thought of it?

    Student nights - well, the best (and biggest) two are Propaganda on a Wednesday night, and Ramshackle on a Friday night. The SU does stuff, but it's not very good there :P Others are Saturdays at Thekla and the rest are quite small!

    Hope that answers your questions, and let me know any others!


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