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What do you about this clip????

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    This little 6-minute film by Gurinder Chada has much to say about love, race and gender relations today.

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    The Muslimah in this clip should not have allowed the boy to touch her. She should be stoned to death.
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    I remember watching this ages ago at school during a French lesson

    Some of the other clips were really weird; there was one about a bald guy and a psychotic chinese hairdresser (probably made weirder by the fact there were no English subtitles and my French was pretty awful)
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    (Original post by kingkongfingers)
    The Muslimah in this clip should not have allowed the boy to touch her. She should be stoned to death.
    Stoning is for adultery or fornication.
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    I can't abide videos with French/set in France. I am a francophobe, pure and simple.


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