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Personalised number plates -- Help!

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    I really want to get a personalised number plate, but I don't know how to get one Can anyone help?

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    You buy one, quite simply.
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    (Original post by Salmanftw)
    You buy one, quite simply.
    Well I know that...

    I just don't know where/how
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    DVLA website
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    (Original post by CLARA_)
    DVLA website
    I had a look on there, but I found it hard to chose exactly what I wanted.
    Can you have whatever you want, or are there only certain "layouts" that you can have?
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    (Original post by Claudine)
    I had a look on there, but I found it hard to chose exactly what I wanted.
    Can you have whatever you want, or are there only certain "layouts" that you can have?
    you can only have one that is available... no two plates are the same so you have to see what there is on the website. i think the layouts are a letter, 1 or 2 numbers and then 3 letters? like A11 BCD or A1 BCD. i hope this helps, i'm not really an expert on it - sorry!
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    Have a look on other websites such as http://www.regtransfers.co.uk/. Just type 'personalised number plates' into google.

    And yes, there are certain formats it has to conform to e.g. AA00 AAA, A000 AAA, AAA 000A. It's hard to explain the number plate system in a forum post, so I'd advise you to look at a website that explains it if you're really interested what these formats mean/why they are used. The current style plate has a two letter location identifier, followed by the year, followed by 3 random letters.

    e.g LM12 XYZ

    Would be a car registered in London (Stanmore) in the first half (ish) of 2012. Note that you can't have a number plate that makes your car look newer than it is.
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    (Original post by Claudine)
    I really want to get a personalised number plate, but I don't know how to get one Can anyone help?

    Google is, as usual your friend. But I'll summarise as best I can.

    You have to buy the deed to owning the particular registration you want, plus VAT, and transfer fee the DVLA charges to transfer the registration to your vehicle and remove the current one (£80). You'll then need to buy the physical plates to put on your vehicle. The cheapest site I've found for this is newreg.co.uk, where you can get the entire package from under £270.

    There is a restriction on what you can get - as has been mentioned each plate on the road needs to be unique, and there only are certain spacings you can (legally) have.

    The first number plates had one or two letter location identifiers, followed by numbers from 1-9999, (so 'A 1' to 'ZZ 9999' or thereabouts) with some special exceptions. When they ran out of these, they added another letter on the front and removed a digit from the back, giving the format XXX 999. Collectively these are known as 'dateless' or 'cherised' plates, as they have no date identifier. When these ran out, they kept the format but tacked a letter on the end as a year identifier, known as suffix style - AAA 1A to YYY 999Y (I, Q and Z weren't used). When these ran out they flipped it round and started again (known as prefix style), which is what you see on pre-2001 cars, and then of course in 2001 they started using the XX00 XXX format. Consequently your numberplate must have the appropriate spacing. You can't block all the characters together, as no type of plate has this. You also can't misrepresent characters (i.e. make a 7 look like a T, or make the letter O look like a zero by putting it with the numbers), and there are only a couple of fonts you can legally use, with specific character dimensions.

    Different plates have different prices, with plates spelling words as well as cherished plates tending to cost the most. Some plates that follow the pre 2001 style have been reserved for personalised plates, such as ones spelling 'kiss' or 'miss' (K155 and M155) as well as ones with either low numbers (1-20) or certain other numbers (100, 111, 200, 222, etc) on. These are generally the cheapest, as they are only significant to the owner (having their initials on for instance).

    For sake of argument I'll assume your initials are XYZ. Your options are as follows, either spend thousands on something like 'XYZ 1' or '1 XYZ' (replace 1 with any other number), or hundreds on something like 'X100 XYZ' or similar, although no guarantees as to what's available at any given time.

    Anything else, just ask.
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    Unable to use google, yeah, that seems about the level of intelligence of people who buy these tacky things.


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