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TV Stars you hate

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    which TV stars would you say you dislike/hate

    my choices would be

    Katie Price, Kerry Katona and Jedward
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    also Simon Cowell.
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    add Piers Morgan
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    Everyone on 'Loose Women'. Rancid old slappers.
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    Cheryl Cole. Her voice makes me want to pull my ears off.
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    i hate Nida pasha who is doing show on ARY Digital live and really she could not do.
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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    also Simon Cowell.
    really , a neg posting , really.
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    The guy who does the commentary on Come Dine With Me.
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    I cant stand Kate Thorton.
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    (Original post by Hellz_Bellz!)
    The guy who does the commentary on Come Dine With Me.
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    I don't hate him, but I have a strong dislike for Vernon Kay.
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    Andy six, God is he a prick
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    eamonn holmes, theres something about him that makes him come across as really smug and annoying
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    Kim Kardashian.
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    Probably neg for this but
    Gok Wan

    So damn annoying
  16. Online

    Daphne for her tendency to claim she doesn't know the answer and then 'guess' correctly 99% of the time :grr:
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    Katie Price, Cheryl Cole and Amanda Holden. Can't stand any of them.
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    Amy Childs
    Katie Price ( can she not stay out of the papers and crap for one day)
    Michael McIntyre hes okay but really overrated
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    Stacy Soloman. Just what do people see in her?
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    Sam & Mark... They'll never be "another" Ant & Dec!


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Updated: March 28, 2012
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