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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    Hey I start Adult Nursing in Sept at LJM

    Anyone else starting then and saying in halls?

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    I've got a conditional for MH Nursing and will be staying in Marybone. Congrats on your place! x
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    Ive just sorted my accomodation and im staying in Marybone 3, exciting

    aww well done too! Might see you around! xx
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    (Original post by staceystacey26)
    Ive just sorted my accomodation and im staying in Marybone 3, exciting

    aww well done too! Might see you around! xx

    Hehe, awesome!! Are you a mature student? I'll be 26 (birthday on the 31st of august hehe) when I start. I haven't managed to firm my offer yet as I'm waiting to hear from another interview outcome, but I'm thinking of withdrawing it and just accepting (just worried if I somehow get an unconditional from the other, I can use it as my backup) - although I rang accom and the woman said as long as I have a conditional place there will be a space allocated for me in MB3 so not to rush. :confused:

    Are you going to any of the admission days? I'm hoping to get to the 20th of april one. xx
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    Aww cool! So what have you done since you left school? And I'm 20 I did childcare for two years then I'm doing health and social care now! I had my interveiw for Liverpool and it felt right so never went to any of the others lol. Where else you waiting for? And I wasn't gonna go, do you have to go? :/ I can't remember if I got an email or not lol. I've got the flat number and room already... I'm excited now xxx
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    Well, I worked for 4 years-ish in retail then was off sick for a while, then I did a foundation in art and design, and at the moment I'm doing an access to nursing course and voluntary work. Yeah, I really enjoyed it! I don't think you have to go, no - I've booked for the 20th but I dunno if I'm going to go, will see how busy I am.

    Aaw, that's cool! I'm waiting to hear from Salford. Got an unsuccessful after SHU interview, and not heard anything at all from Hudds, so I dunno what's going on with that.

    I'm really stressing at the moment because I need to pass my key skills 2 maths and it just doesn't sink in fast enough, grrrr!! xx


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