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How valuable is an OU diploma or degree in Europe?

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    Hello everyone!

    I've recently started a language course with the OU but after planning my study route, have come to the sudden realisation that the OU isn't particularly well-known in Italy, where I live and work, at least nobody here seems to have heard of it. As I'm planning on staying here in Italy, do you think it might be wiser to go to one of the local colleges and gain a language certificate that's well-known everywhere?

    I'm talking about certificates in German and Italian from the Goethe Institut and one of the local universities.

    Or... is it simply better to get a degree, even if the university isn't particularly well-known here? :confused:

    There are some Italian distance learning universities, if you are interested.. would be a lot cheaper than OU. (And to an employer, the modules might look more like proper modules, since they have proper names. OU modules tend to have soft-sounding names, I don't know why - no reflection of the content I'm sure but employers don't necessarily know that.)
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    Thanks! I'll check those out!


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Updated: March 23, 2012
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