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Can people please tell me what Chesil House is like?

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    I am thinking of applying there as its newer, and I didn't want to go to the 'partying' halls as its not my thing. Any advice?

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    nice rooms, nice kitchens, coop directly underneath.
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    It's a really nice place, very quite, the rooms are the usual ones, not too big, the kitchens however are huge! It has Co-op directly underneath it, which is really useful for last minute shopping but a bit expensive. ASDA is a 5 min walk and cheaper, the beach and town centre a 10 min walk. Lots of places to eat and many pubs really close to Chesil as well. Its biggest advantage is going out for pubs/clubs and not having to worry about how to get back or taking a taxi as its so close to the city centre. Bus stop for uni is next to it. The buses however are a nightmare, there are not that often (every 15/20/30mins depending on the hour of the day) and they stop quite early. So depending on how demanding is your course you might consider going somewhere closer to uni. For example I am doing a Masters course in the media school and I have to stay everyday long hours there so it gets really inconvenient to get back home. A bought a bicycle which makes things easier as its a 15-20 mins ride to get there. By bus is 7-10 mins.

    So my advice is, if you are a postgraduate in media school maybe it's better considering moving somewhere closer to uni, if you are an undergraduate who prefers a quite place then go for it! (P.s. don't get the wrong impression there is always a party going on somewhere, but comparing to the other halls it's quieter :P )


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Updated: March 23, 2012
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