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how to make a mafia text based game on c++ or visual basic 6.0

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    hey well i am really intrested in making a tetx based game in c++ or visual basic 6.0 but dont have a clue how to make it does anyone know how to do and it will be great of u to tell me how to make it step by step like a example will be nice or something thanx
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    Something like 'collosal caves'?
    Guess you could find the source code for some existing examples and try working out how other people have approached it or just plough in and start coding... Probably start with a simplified design using a matrix to represent the rooms in a level and create a parser to accept user commands and some code to describe room contents in english.
    I think it'll probably be quite a bit of work to come up with something really enjoyable to play, but good luck.
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    If you're looking to make a text-adventure sort of game, it may be worth investigating the Z-machine interpretor and similar.
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    A text based video game - wow! I had fun making those in the 80s in BASIC on my VIC-20. Uhhh, enough reminiscing.

    Anyway, I remember using a system called TADS to create a text adventure in the early 90s and, would you believe, it is still going :cool: It's based on a C++/Javascript-esqe object-oriented language.
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    Why don't you make an online text-based game? Use PHP for the backend?


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Updated: March 25, 2012
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