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How can I live alone? (Ldn thread)

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    Hi, I'm going into my fourth year (final year) and would really like some peace and quiet. I was living in a house of five people, but it's not a great house, and some of the others fell out with each other creating a bad atmosphere, and I don't want to live there for another year. I have some questions:

    - Is it normal to move out from year to year? Or do students normally find a house in second year and stay there? I feel pressured to stay...

    - How can I find somewhere to live alone?

    - Do landlords let to students living alone? All the letting websites constantly say 'No DSS' and 'No students' how will I ever find somewhere?

    - Is it a good idea to live alone, especially in london?

    Alternatively... I wouldn't mind living with one other person, provided they were clean and friendly. But again, a lot of landlords don't seem to want to rent two bedroom apartments (nice ones) to students 'professionals only.' Don't landlords understand that a lot of students aren't into partying and getting drunk all the time and are actually serious people?

    Just make new friends and move in with them.

    I can't answer all of your questions but I know its possible to live alone in London as a student.
    I'm moving there in September and I'm going to be living in a self contained studio. I'm going to do postgrad and I wanted to make sure I got some peace and quiet too!
    Other than it being more expensive, I can't see how living alone in London would be any different to living alone in any other city. Having said that I've never lived there before so I can't be sure whether its a good idea, I'll have to wait and see on that one!
    As far as finding somewhere goes the best advice I can give you really is to go on accomodationforstudents.com. You can search for self contained accomodation on there and it will save you having to sift through listings that won't let to students.
    Hope that's of some help!

    You could try halls again - I realise that doesn't quite match your plan of living alone, but as a final year student you'd get put in with people of your age, rather than freshers. I did it this year and it's honestly the quietest flat I've ever lived in, even though it's on campus (so brilliant for access to the library, etc).


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Updated: March 26, 2012
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