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Obama making the same speech in every country he visits

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    It's amazing how many countries Obama has made the same speech to. Every country is "one of America's strongest allies" and "punches above their weight".

    I support Obama (in so much as I prefer him to any Republican nominee) but I find this highly embarassing for him. You would think that the president of the USA would have some of the finest speechwriters working for him but it seems like all they've done is use the "copy and replace" tool in Word every time Obama visits a new country.

    Many media orgs. around the world have picked up on this story which will very likely damage Obama's global reputation.
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    Ha, that was pretty funny. But then, most political speeches are just a series of meaningless platitudes.
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    he pulls hit off, he is a very good speaker in my opinion.

    i don't really see anyone being offended by this except maybe the french.

    most leading politicians have probably done the same.

    this is probably part of a smear campaign tipped off by the republicans...

    edit - i just watched the video, lol i think it's just pretty funny.
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    Politicians are there to say what needs to be said: they are not writers and thus expected to produce work different than that done previously. This has been going on for most of modern international diplomacy and is nothing new - statesmen usually prefer to keep it safe and unoriginal rather than risk with originality.

    In any case it is hardly a case of "copy and paste" all the time as most are isolated incidents.
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    (Original post by notnek)
    Great thread OP I also see that you are from Thailand. I must say that Thailand is one of our greatest and strongest allies and always manages to punch above its weight internationally. >_>
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    Just confirms what I already suspected. Obama's speeches are pretty much more about style than substance.
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    (Original post by jaxxa)
    Just confirms what I already suspected. Obama's speeches are pretty much more about style than substance.
    I'm not aware of many other politicians whose speeches are worth anyone's time.


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Updated: March 28, 2012
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