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PGCE Primary- Uni of Cumbria

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    Hi All,

    Could anyone who has had an interview for Cumbria Uni please let me know what the day involves?

    I've already had interviews at other unis, so I know generally what to expect. But I've heard that the two that I attended were fairly intense and formal compared to others.

    Thanks a lot, good luck to everyone!


    I had an interview for the Distributed Learning Programme at the lancaster campus and can honestly say that out of the 3 interviews ive had it was by far the most relaxed and enjoyable... they where very interested in you and had obviously read all of our personal statements and asked questions about aspects on them... my best piece of advise is to be yourself )

    S x
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    Thanks, thats great to hear and I appreciate it!

    Would you be able to tell me any more about the day please?

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    @ Ronnie: thanks again for the info, I forgot to ask if you were offered a place?

    Hi, I have only just sent my application for the distributed learning course at the Lancaster campus - are they quite good/quick at confirming whether you are being invited to interview or not? I just hate all of this waiting around. Thanks
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    It took a good few weeks for me to hear back from Cumbria, but that was because of the Xmas break etc. If you are invited to interview (which we hope you will be) I know they give you around 2 weeks for the interview, which is usually on a Wednesday.

    They also seem to reply quite quickly after the interview, I had mine on the weds and got the update the following Monday and I have read others who had a similar experience. So thats good, its not long to wait at all!

    Fingers crossed for you. I'm going to do the distributed learning, and I went through the same experience with Edge Hill, so I know how you feel.

    If you need any more info just ask

    Hey there!

    Have been offline for MONTHS which has made me look completely ignorant! Im so sorry! Yes I have been offered a place - thank you for asking, and have finally sent of my application for loans etc... Hope all is going well with your applications and stuff! I cant really remember much of the day tbh but will try my best to help )

    Hiya guys,

    i am going to be doing the distance learning pgce in september, really looking forward to it but funding is driving me insaine, what are people doing for funding for the next 18 months? ive applied through student finance but they say i am only entitled to a tuition fee loan, even though cumbria says that we are entitled to everything. its really driving me mad

    thanks in advance


    Hiya Francesca,

    The funding is causing my some confusion too - I applied for that 'standard bursary' on the orientation day but havent heard anything from it and now just keep getting e-mails re the 'Teaching Agency Discretionary Bursary' which I cant flipping work out if im even eligible for! Lol - So far all I have confirmed for the next 18 months is the tuition fee loan and a fraction of the grant from student finance!

    x x x

    Anyone know if we have to take the reflective learning log with us to uni tomorrow or is it literally ready to upload onto blackboard at some point in the week?

    Thank you

    Sarah x


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