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Do students like drinking and having sex as many people think

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    I was speaking to my friends the other day and they think that students enjoy moving away from home and trying things when not within there old friendship groups and family protection. would love to hear your thoughts
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    I can't say that's true in my situation. I mean, I have really enjoyed moving away from home and I probably go out a bit more than I do there but it's not as if I'm getting bladdered every single night or anything. I go out once a month, if that?
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    I like living away from home for the simplest of reasons. Now that the weather's getting hotter, at home I can't sleep with my naked arse hanging out of the blanket as my mum is likely to walk in my room and have the shock of a lifetime.
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    Yes, but maybe not as much as people think.
    Theres a lot of drinking, rarely have a night without at least one drink, but only can afford to go out max 3 times a week, normally go about twice. Have other nights we get pissed in our kitchen, and other nights we watch films sober or play games. Other nights have deadlines so up all night writing an essay!
    In terms of sex, know realtively few people who have had sex out of a relationship, there is a lot of pulling in clubs, a few people seeing each other and sleeping together, and very few one night stands, but a lot more tame than expected... may just be my halls though..

    Background: female 1st year at a top university
    I average 'going out' about once-twice a week (sometimes clubbing, sometimes a substitute for clubbing my uni offers)
    I've had 3 ONSs
    My group of friends go out about once a week (I have a couple of social groups to push my number up) and as far as I'm aware none of them have had casual sex.
    I know people who never go out and are against casual sex.
    I know people who started the year going out 5 times a week and generally go out at least twice a week (maybe once or even more depending on deadlines and 'events') and regularly have casual sex.
    Uni is very much what you make of it - there'll be other people who want the same as you and you're likely to find them during freshers so you don't need to worry about 'not fitting in' whoever you are!


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Updated: March 29, 2012
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