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Oxford Brookes Nursing 2012

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    Hey just wandering if anyone has firmed oxford brookes for nursing starting sep 2012? (I've put it as my firm and im doing children's nursing) and if you have, what accomodation will you be putting as your first choice? It says because our course requires extended contract lengths they recommend we stay in either Paul Kent, Crescent or Cheney student village from sep 15th, so is everyone planning on staying in one of these? x
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    I will be firming, once ive heard back from my last choice.
    i'll be based at ferndale campus in swindon though =]
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    I still haven't heard back from OB for adult nursing!
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    Hey alannaa yes i have ! ill be doing adult nursing tho i think im gunna go with paul kent halls xx
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    Hi! I have put oxford Brooke's as my firm choice for children's nursing
    I am thinking to put either Paul Kent or Cheney student village for accommodation not totally decided yet
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    Cheney looks lush but very expensive ! Does anyone know when we can start applying has anyone recieved a letter from brookes yet with their password ? Xx
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    I haven't received a password yet not sure when we are supposed too! X
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    Hey everyone, put Brookes as my firm choice for adult nursing any one else thinking of choosing Cheney student village for accommodation? looks so nice x
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    hey holly ! they do look lovely just very expensive and also the contract is from the 17th of september but our course starts on the 1st ?! :/ xxxx
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    o ok then, thanks defo didn't see that... they all look nice tho so not really fussed. so excited! are you going to choose Paul Kent? xxx
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    Yes im pretty sure.i will ! Eeeee me too just want to start now ! What are you doing atm.working or finishing off a-levels ? Xxx
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    hey again sorry, cool might see you there then ... atm im finishing an access course/ work you? xxx
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    Hey everyone, sorry i havn't replied sooner didnt think anyone had posted!!
    i agree that cheney looks soo nice, but i'm also confused that our course starts on the 1st but the contract for these halls starts on the 17th?!
    Think i may go with Paul Kent
    Also, i havn't received the letter with our passwords either! I emailed them on the 22nd asking if i should have received any further information yet and they havn't replied - but hopefully if none of us has yet it should be fine x
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    Hi just wondering if anyone has applying for finance yet and what we do for this whole NHS funding thing? Do we just apply for a maintenance load?x
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    Yeah working in a care home till september the website sed we should recieve our letters with our password on in early may so soon hopefully ! Xx
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    just recieved an email from brookes saying my crb and health check forms are in the post, they will be sending out the information for my nhs bursery AND my forms for accomodation will be coming soon also im guessing you will all get this soon if you haven't already ! xx
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    Hi :-)

    I've firmed Oxford Brookes for Adult Nursing and I think they are sending out accomadation early May. I haven't got that email yet frm them though I did get a letter saying they've offered me a place yesterday which was a month after they had on UCAS
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    has anyone sent off their crb and occupational health forms yet ? xx
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    for accomodation i've gone for first choice: Paul Kent, second choice: Cheney Student Village and third choice: Crescent Hall really hope i get Paul Kent!
    anyone else made their choices yet?

    and just finishing filling out my crb and health check forms then sending them off asap x
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    Hey everyone

    ive just firmed oxford brookes for childrens nursing. I was just wondering how long after you accepted your offer did you get all your crb forms etc through the post?
    Is all so exciting
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