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Rockers for Sussex 2012???

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    Hi Everyone. I have an unconditional offer, for Sussex which I have firmed.
    Looking to find some fellow rockers / metal-heads to hang out with at Uni or get to know before we get there.

    Also, anyone know of the rockin' pubs / clubs to go to? (And by 'rockin' I don't mean Indie rock.....)

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!! :headbang:
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    I live near Brighton and go there a fair bit, and I really don't think you'll have trouble finding fellow metal heads to hang out with! There may not be that many at the university itself (I might be wrong of course) but there'll be lots of events and things for rockers like you. Just try wandering around the Laines, I'm sure something will catch your eye.
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    Ah Legend!

    Thanks so much!!
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    (Original post by Ocean_Rox)
    Ah Legend!

    Thanks so much!!
    No worries mate. Brighton's a notoriously laid-back place and whatever you're into you'll probably find here. The music scene is quite vibrant, good clubs, generally a good atmosphere all round. I'm sure you'd love it.
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    I've just firmed an offer from Sussex for Maths and also love metal!
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    Yay! That makes two of far!
    I am SO excited!!
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    Yeah, I can't wait!!
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    I'm going to be firming Sussex for Philosophy and Politics in the next couple of days I'm really into my metal as well, especially that of the Prog and Technical variety

    I think I remember reading somewhere that there were a couple of dedicated rock/metal pubs and a few clubs that do rock nights, which sounds awesome.
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    There is a fairly active Rock and Metal society (or at least there used to be!) so you should have no problem finding other Rockers!
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    I have a conditional for Biochem at Sussex this year, but if I don't get it this year, I'll be applying again next year! (Who wants to compromise on which uni they go to?). I am also a metalhead geared towards thrash metal such as Megadeth, Testament, Metallica, Overkill and such. My roots are grounded in classic rock and metal however (likes of Gn'R, Ozzy Osbourne etc).

    Need some metalheaded contacts for the sake of sanity...:horns:
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    Yay! Few more of us now then!
    I am SO excited!!

    What housing have you firmers applied for? I put Brighthelm top, then Lewes Court ph1, Park houses, park villege, Lewes Court ph2, Swanborough, Northfield, Stamner court, off campus with East slope coming last.
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    Northfield, Lewes Court 2, Swanbourough, Lewes Court 1, Brighthelm.
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    I'm into rock too, mainly classic rock, guns n roses, AC/DC, KISS, led Zeppelin,ozzy.. I firmed Sussex for biomedical science, conditional
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    Brighthelm, Park Houses, Lewes Court Ph1, Park Village, Lewes Court Ph2, Northfield, Swanborough, Stanmer, East Slope and Off Campus for me
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    Any of you lot know where you'll be living yet?
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    I'm starting Computer Science in September. Gotta love a bit of metal, hardcore, metalcore etc...
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    Firmed and like metal too.

    A bit of a fan of the following:

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    (Original post by Ocean_Rox)
    Any of you lot know where you'll be living yet?
    I'm in house 45, Brighthelm
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    Awesome! I'm also in Brighthelm, in house 24 :-D
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    (Original post by Ocean_Rox)
    Awesome! I'm also in Brighthelm, in house 24 :-D
    Ah cool Well feel free to come over and say hello


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Updated: September 7, 2012
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