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Pgce qub 2012

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    Just wondering if anyone has applied for a PGCE in Queens Belfast or know anyone that has?? and if so have you heard anything yet?

    Thanks! Rebecca
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    Hi Rebecca!

    I applied for a PGCE in Queens too! I got really impatient yesterday week ago and rang the office. They told me that they haven't received their quota yet for the course and it could be early April now before they send out offers!

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    Hi Ciara!

    Oh great, well kind of! I was going by the website when it says successful applicants would hear by end of March, and was planning to ring myself this week. So I guess knowing that by not hearing its not necessarily a no is good!
    I have one friend who has applied also, and she hasn't heard but it is for a different subject than me, what subject have you applied for?

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    Yeah, not hearing is better than a definite 'no'! I was so relieved when i saw your post and realised i wasn't the only person worried about not having heard anythig!

    I applied for science! What have you applied for? And your friend?
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    Yeah, agreed! Its worse when not everyone you know is in the situation, like the first time applying for uni! I've applied for maths and my friend has applied for english!
    Yeah well I searched everywhere to see if anyone had mentioned anything and when I had no luck just thought I'd chance this!!
    Hopefully we hear soon then keep me posted and I'll do the same.

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    Hey Ciara,

    Just wondering if you have ever heard anything more from Queens? I really am getting impatient now lol

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    Hey girls, I've applied for Queens as well. Haven't heard anything yet either!

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    I just emailed the secretary, and she emailed back saying they STILL haven't got the quota, and that it was May last year before they got it! I'm not happy about this, considering that in my interview they told me they had their quota and that we would hear by April at the latest. Gotta love QUB's organisational skills...
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    May?!? But that is so far away!! If they had just been honest in the interviews this wouldn't be a problem! They told me I'd know before easter holidays in my interview!
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    This is a serious joke! I'm devastated. I thought we would have known by end of April at least. It's so hard when you're waiting that long especially when you have to think of other possibilities if were not successful. Rage. Lol. Oh well I shall keep posted of when I do hear. Good luck everyone! X
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    Hi guys!

    I have also applied for a PGCE at Queens for Modern Languages and still haven't heard anything yet either I rang the secretary on Tuesday and she told me they still didn't have the quota but that hopefully it would be any day now...HOPEFULLY!
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    Any day now with Queens could be anywhere...lol. But I did get talking to a guy on it at the minute and he said he didn't get word until JUNE!!!! x
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    June?! Did he apply on time or did he send in a late application do you know?! That's insane!!!
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    I'm hoping that he was a late applicant, or that he was waitlisted and confirmed later maybe? They can't expect us to wait until June!!
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    Hate to be the barer of bad news but I know a few people who applied last year and they had to wait until June. And both got rejection letters. They had also applied well on time.

    I've applied for the English PGCE and after doing my undergrad and MA at Queen's this is the first time I've experienced disorganisation to this level. It has been bad... But never this bad!

    Fingers crossed that we hear something soon. However, it would be nice to even receive a mass email explaining the delay!

    Anyway, good luck guys.

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    This news makes me very sad If some people got rejection letters, how then did they get a place on the course? How confident do people feel about getting onto the PGCE?
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    They didn't get on the course, I know them from my undergrad. From asking them about the application process is how I know about their rejection letters.

    My confidence issues don't come from the course, it's the lack of confidence in getting a job afterwards if successful. Don't know if it would be better not to get on it seeing as I know a few schools that are cutting back on teachers.

    State of the economy I suppose...
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    No this guy I know definitely applied on time and it wasn't a waiting list. So that may be how long we have to wait. Im sort of hoping we all hear soon. I want a place so bad and I haven't considered any other options. I could still apply to England up until June but i only wana do that if it's completely necessary.
    Have any of you guys applied for any other Uni's yet??!

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    I haven't considered other unis because my heart is set on QUB! Although at this rate I'm not really sure why! ha! Hurry up!!
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    My heart is set on QUB too tbh! But I don't wanna be stuck with nothing for September so i applied to a few other unis yesterday jus to ease my mind really!


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