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Women shouldn't get tattoos?

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    Anyone else that tattoos should stay on men, and women should steer clear of getting them? Unless their small ofc, but half sleeves, tattoos on chest, legs etc look too manly!
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    I think it largely depends on what the tattoo was of, if they're to my taste I'm rather partial to tattooed women. I honestly can't stand men with tattooed legs *shudders* Maybe that's just my general aversion to men though :curious:
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    Not all women look the same, some of them are complimented by tattoos, be it small or large. Like most things, beauty is subjective. I find a lot of girls with tattoos attractive aswell as ones that don't have them, same goes for small ones and girls with large ones. Moderation and the actual tattoo/placements themselves matter more than anything. Ever heard of freedom of expression?.. Not everyone thinks the same, you are being blinded by (soon to be outdated) mass social morality.
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    I prefer tattoos on women far more than on men..

    They look best when done delicately, and on those would look dumb on men, hence why they go for full-arms or big multi-colour pieces instead
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    me and my 4 tattoos (including a half sleeve) didn't do it for the attention of a man anyway.
    to be fair, i did it cause I like it, so i'm not bothered what anyone thinks of me.
    if you're gonna judge me on how i look then you're not worth my time anyway..
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    Love a girl with a nice tattoo, not too fussed what exactly but a nice leg tattoo would grab my attention. :blush:
    Just nothing over the top, small is good.
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    Nothing wrong with women getting tattoos. Even if it does look manly, who are you say that's a bad thing?
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    I have a few and love them
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    Well, when they look like this I think they're lovely:

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    But I'm not sure it's actually a tattoo... Might just be painted on, as it looks so intricate and delicate.
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    I love Tattos and why should women be denied from expressing themselves through art on their body? I've seen some absolutely beautiful ones and can't wait to get mine, I'm jealous of a girl who has two birds across her chest, looks amazing and not at all manly.
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    I have a small one and I'd like to get another. Like another user said, beauty is subjective.
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    Don't think its particularly fair to say women in general can't have them. To be honest, sometimes they look better on women as they tend to be more subtle. Not a fan of tattoos personally though.
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    I think it really depends on what the tattoo is of. I've never been big on them, but a couple of my female friends have them and they look nice. Recently I've been considering getting a small butterfly on my hip - do you think that is too manly?
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    i love tattoos. if they're done well they can look really beautiful. as others have said, beauty is subjective, what i like may be different to what you like, life would be pretty damn boring if everyone looked the same and liked the same things as everyone else. i love the 2 i have already, they can both be hidden or shown off proudly depending on what i wear and i will not apologise to anyone for having them done (although strangely enough my step-mum didnt realise i had any, i had them done 4 years ago and im sure iv worn vest tops and shorts in front of her.some people just arent observant. lol)

    iv got my next one all drawn up and ready to get redrawn properly by a tattoo artist, i just need to get some money together for it first. its gonna be fairly large on my right arm (not quite a half sleeve though) and i cant wait, my sister and her fiance think it looks awesome as well.
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    I don't really associate tattoos with masculinity. I do think that in many cases, tattoos on individuals of either gender look tacky and unimaginative, whilst there are obviously plenty of cases where tasteful and interesting tattoos really complement someone's appearance. So in that respect tattoos are akin to almost any form of art or decoration, on the body or otherwise.
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    It's their body, who says who can do what to it. It's a matter of personal preference surely? I'm sure women who get sleeves don't get them to impress you, it's because they want them.
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    Little hidden tattoos are always a nice surprise. It has to be small, petite and discrete.

    Big tattoos look crap and trashy.
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    I'm not so sure I approve of tattoos at all, why would you bother? there's nothing more appealing than a bare naked torso, I don't need it obscuring with somebody's inky handwork thanks.
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    Tramp stamps ftw.
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    Personally, I hate tattoos, on anyone.


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