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physics or materials???

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    hi i have an offer to study physics at manchester university and an offer for materials at imperial college
    i'm really not sure which to pick
    does anybody know which is better for job prospects?
    and is there any other info that anyone could give me?
    thank you in advance
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    I would say physics has better job prospects, as the adage that you can do anything with a physics degree is partly true. It is the most difficult of the science subjects, so a good degree in it is proof that you are capable of working in a number of areas.

    With physics you ought to have an interest in most/all of its areas at the moment e.g. astro/particle/atmospheric, not just condensed matter, which is presumably what you'd be most likely to specialise in. A sizeable part of the materials course is metallurgy which obviously some people enjoy, though sounds quite dull to me.

    Materials is half-way between science/engineering, so you could ask yourself the usual question of 'are you interested in how things work or how to make things work?'.


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Updated: April 1, 2012
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