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Does the 2012 Olympic football tournament excite you?

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  • View Poll Results: Does the 2012 Olympic football tournament excite you?

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    I'm personally looking forward to it.

    How often does your country get to host an international football tournament?

    And how often do we get to see a united British team in football?

    It'll also be interesting to see different players than those who go to Euro 2012 with England.

    Plus Brazil and Spain have qualified.

    What about you?
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    no EURO 2012 is much more important, that's what am looking forward to this year, the olympics I couldn't care less about tbh.
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    ^Exactly what he said.
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    Not really but I bought tickets for it anyway :lol:
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    Even though my favourite sport is football I'm never really that interested in Olympic football as the quality is 2nd rate lol. I prefer watching the Athletics, Tennis, Hockey etc
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    Not as much as Euro2012 but I welcome any extra football with open arms It's probably the only thing in the lolympics that I'll watch.
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    It's essentially another under 21-s tournament but again will be interesting to see a mix of the GB nations.
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    Euro2012 is of much more interest to me, but i'll no doubt watch the olympics football seeing as we'll have a team this time around. it'll probably be the thing i'm most interested in in the olympics.
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    Theres still some very good football to be played. The Brazilians and Argentinians normally take very strong squads.


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Updated: April 2, 2012
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