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UCLAN Firmers/applicants 2012

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    Hi There, I've just applied for psychology at UCLAN and got an unconditional offer - so i'll definitely be there come September time. Thought i'd set up a thread for any other definite newcomers to UCLAN, so we can get to know a few people before we start.

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    As written in another thread, I've accepted an unconditional for Motorsports
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    all ready posted to you two, but for everyone else. Chemistry year one in 2012-2013 year. Room booked in IQ Kopa
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    Unconditional for Motorsports BSc, can't wait
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    Hey guys I'm a third year psychology student at uclan currently doing my dissertation. If any of you are at college/sixth form at the moment I would really appreciate you filling in the short survey in my signature so I can get started on analysing my results (I only need 16 more people to fill it out)

    If you have any questions about uclan in general or particularly psychology I'd be happy to answer them Grats on getting offers!
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    Anybody sorted accomodation out yet?

    I'm really struggling and anxious!
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    They'll send accommodation letters out march/april time if you're applying for halls, can't we wait 'til then?
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    just accepted my offer for archaeology. looking forward to it. im not living in halls though, im going to travel in from manchester.
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    hey everyone,
    I will be starting the Motor Sports Engineering(MEng) program 2012.
    I'm from the US and I haven't seen the campus in person, if you have... could you let me know your opinions.
    Also , anyone going into the Motor Sports have any automotive experience? I'm curious to know others' experience levels.
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    I just received an unconditional for Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation and will move to Preston from Finland x) So much to sort out until September I don't even know where to begin!
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    Ive firmed UCLAN to study Acting! Yaaaay! Really excited to get to Preston
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    Got a conditional for journalism (: second choice!
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    Got a conditional for Music Theatre So excited! xD
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    Hi there,
    Just got an unconditional offer to study International Hospitality Management, gonna accept it
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    Accepted my unconditional offer for international business and management
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    Graphic Design just firmed see everyone in September, wheres everyoe hoping they will get for accomodation?
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    (Original post by yxteh)
    offer from UCL for architecture 2012! who else?
    UCL and UCLan are 2 different universities, you seem to have posted that you got an offer from UCL in both the universities' respective threads.
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    Accepted an offer for children's nursing in Sept 2012.
    Not heard from uclan since I accepted though so I have no way to book accommodation.
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    (Original post by ninja.slewis)
    Accepted an offer for children's nursing in Sept 2012.
    Not heard from uclan since I accepted though so I have no way to book accommodation.
    Accommodation applications start on the 12th of April and you should get a letter with your student number in around that time. I wouldn't worry - I've only heard from them because I've mithered.
    Anyway, I am to be a sexual health studies student as of September this year (:
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    Firmed UCLan to study Law (FoundationEntry) this coming September
    Anyone else doing this course?- and planning to live in the Preston campus


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