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US Conservatives’ Trust in Science Has Fallen Dramatically Since Mid-1970s.

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    They'd rather put their trust in some 8-6th century BC book which says we came from the dust in the ground within a garden paradise guarded by a talking snake.
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    Some Christian preachers I spoke to about a year ago believed in a big conspiracy by all governments against them.
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    Why is this in UK politics?
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    (Original post by electriic_ink)
    Why is this in UK politics?
    I put it into the Religion Forum, and some Moderator took it out and put into the Politics Forum.
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    (Original post by Martyn*)
    I put it into the Religion Forum, and some Moderator took it out and put into the Politics Forum.
    I've put in a report to try to get it put back. The rejection of science is a worrying trend in politics, especially in the US, though the Labour party's sacking of Prof. David Nutt for his paper on harm levels of drugs shows that the problem is not exclusive to America.
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    It has shaken my confidence quite a bit that they were caught rigging the global warming data. That's the problem, the scientist NEED to find SOMETHING or the become unemployed. So they start manipulating the data to get the results they want so they get to keep their jobs.
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    I don't mind if certain politicians are creationists or don't have much trust in science, everybody is entitled to their own beliefs. However, it gets troubling when they try to push their agenda on others, such as banning the teaching of Evolution in schools, or requiring that teachers present it alongside Christian theories on the beginning of the universe. That doesn't belong in a public school.

    It's sad because most of them just have a complete lack of understanding of evolutionary theory - they'll roll their eyes and say things like "My ancestors weren't monkeys" meanwhile...that's not exactly how scientists are saying it worked anyway!


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