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university of lamerick

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    hi, i have a question for you..

    what do you think about university of limerick?
    is it a good university in ireland?
    do you recommend it to me?
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    why anyone help me!!!
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    for a start its university of u know that u have to apply to it through a different system to ucas as well?
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    Lamerick? Really?

    In terms of prestige and league tables the University of Limerick wouldn't be considered as 'good' as TCD or the NUI's, but it is still a pretty good university. Obviously it depends on what department you're applying to as well.
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    Limerick is a good college for things like PE. Has some of the finest sports facilities in Ireland. Has a rep as a rough town with a gangland problem. That doesn't really seem to impact on student life though. By and large Limerick people are decent. Be warned... Rugby is sort of a big deal.


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