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Thames Water Phone Interview

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    Hi guys, I have a Thames Water phone interview tomorrow afternoon and was just wondering if anyone else has had one, what kind of questions they asked and what the outcome was?

    Thanks! x
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    I too have a telephonic interview. How did your interview go? Which scheme did u apply for? And what did they ask?
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    the telephone interview went ok but I didn't get through to the assessment centre. I'm not that surprised, I was prepared but got very nervous so wasn't very confident during the questions. I applied for the HR grad scheme.
    They asked questions like:
    what do you know about the graduate scheme?
    what do you know about thames water?
    what challenges are facing thames water in the upcoming year?
    Then some basic competency questions about leadership, organisation and prioritisation amongst others I can't remember, so just make sure you have an example for each of the key competencies your scheme requires. If in doubt, have a google of common competencies tested and get an example ready for each of them.

    I didn't get any feedback on why I didn't get through but I think it is because I wasn't very confident and stumbled a bit over my words.
    Good luck with yours
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    Hi Ellenanna,

    Thank you for sharing the questions. I also have the interview tomorrow but for the operations grad scheme.
    How long did it take for them to get back, with the outcome of your interview, to you?

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    I have a phone interview with them on Wednesday for the asset management programme.. anyone else had one for this scheme?
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    Hi veeless,

    As ellenanna said, those were the major questions asked and we applied for different schemes. To add to what she said though, I was asked what skills I've got to bring to the company, what I intend to get out of the graduate scheme if successful, when I've played the role of a leader....that's all I can remember.

    All the best!!!
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    Hope your interviews all went well has anyone been made an offer of a job with Thames Water yet? Just wondering if I'll be seeing anyone else in September!
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    Congratulations. How was the assessment centre? What case studies did they give you?
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    (Original post by veeless)
    Hope your interviews all went well has anyone been made an offer of a job with Thames Water yet? Just wondering if I'll be seeing anyone else in September!
    I managed to get on the HR scheme, so at least that's one person I will know haha! Well done
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    After the telephone interview, do they respond* If the outcome is both positive and negative?
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    I would assume they do, other schemes let you know either way so I would guess that Thames would too.
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    Hi veeless,
    Thanks for your replay.

    What can you suggest to me about the AC?
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    Hey everyone, is there someone that is currently working for the graduate scheme at Thames Water? Can you tell me if you like the company and if it is worth it applying for the job.
    I read some comments in a different website by a student that went there for an interview that the company was not very good. He encountered bad attitude from the HR team and discussed that a company that doesn't pay the travel expenses for the candidates is in a very bad state financially.
    However, I can say that not all employers pay the travel expenses to the assessment center.
    That's why another person's opinion will be much appreciated.

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    What was this telephone interview for?
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    Hi there, my partner has her assessment day next week, I was wondering, how many people typically get asked, and what is the ration of job offers after? Any help would be great!


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Updated: March 14, 2014
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