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Victoria Hall Wembley

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    Hey everyone! Since Victoria Hall isn't part of the UCL accommodation, I thought it'd be best to start a new thread.

    I'll be starting my MSc in September at UCL, and I'm thinking of staying at the Victoria Hall Wembley. It seems very appealing and everything and I don't mind the distance from UCL (it's only 4 tube stops away). Is anyone else thinking of staying there? Or is there anyone who's already staying there, who can tell us if it's worth the money?

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    Hi , I am also going to UCL this year and considering staying there.. would like to know what did decide to do..
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    Hey! So this is related to victoria hall wembley and was wondering if anyone could help. I live in New Zealand and have applied for an exchange to Kingston Uni next year, but am not eligible to stay in their halls cos of the dates I'd be coming. I've google mapped the distance from Wembley to Kingston and it dosent seem that far, but I have never been to London though have heard the tube system is good there? Must beat the buses here anyway!
    but yeah, any help would be much MUCH appreciated!! is it a doable distance??
    any private hall recommendations that arent too expensive??
    thanks guys


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