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Will this revision technique be effective?

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    This is for mainly my sciences. I do dual award and am currently revising for AQA Additional Science. My exams are in mid May.

    Using the AQA Nelson Thornes Additional Science book and the CGP revision guide I'm making short, concise notes condensing each topic onto one A4 page or less.

    Once I have the 'detailed' notes consisting of about 25-30 pages for each subject finished for each of bio, chem & phys I plan to make small mind maps on each topic again & then flashcards for each topic. < The whole mind map/flashcard thing will use another 2 weeks of my time.

    I should have all this done late April or longer if I make mind maps and flashcards giving me around 2 weeks to focus on past papers for those three subjects. Do you think I'm going about this the right way or once I've finished detailed notes on each topic should I just jump straight to past papers? I'm aiming for A* overall.

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    My physics teacher said that (roughly) that the method you're talking about is the same method he used at university. Condensing notes down to small points is usually really helpful, especially if you can extrapolate visualise what they were again from the small notes. Exam papers are useful for knowing what the questions will be like (and what the expected answers are), and it's good that you plan to look at them, but your method is good for the understanding of the topic, which is the most important thing, I think, as you can do all the past papers you like, but if you don't know the information, it won't help as much.


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Updated: April 3, 2012
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