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Durham Primary PGCE 2012

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    Hello future coursemates!

    Just looking for anyone who's starting the course in September this year (2012) as it would be great to get in touch with some of you before we go there.

    Any thoughts on colleges? What uni's are you from?

    Hope you're all as excited as me and hope to hear from you soon,


    Hi, I'm going to be starting the Primary PGCE at Durham in September too! :-D

    Have you heard anything from Durham about the course yet? I got my offer in January and was expecting information about applying for colleges and things but still haven't received anything from them!
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    Hey Becky,

    Nice to hear from you!
    I actually received an email in the last week asking me to put my choices down for colleges but that's all I've had so far - no actual mail from Durham as of yet... If you've not got the form for colleges, maybe get in touch with the uni as obviously you've more chance of getting your first choice if you do it early (I think!)

    Are you going to the pre-course day in July?

    I received the email too just a couple of days after saying I hadn't heard anything! And I will be going to the pre-course day in July so I presume we'll get lots of information about the course then!
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    Cool cool - I'm going to the pre-course day too although am currently working down in Somerset so it's a very long way to come up just for one day! Are you going to live out next year or in college?

    The pre-course day in July will certainly provide a lot of information. I found it terrifying lol.

    You will be given various pieces of pre-course work to do, including subject audits, reports etc [to accompany the HASE booklets].
    You will also have various talks from different subject leaders - focusing on the core subjects - and then you should have the chance to talk in little groups to tutors and/or to past students.

    It is an interesting day, but I did find it quite stressful - perhaps because it made it all seem very real lol. It is also a good chance to meet people - I made some friends on that day, who I was then able to recognise when we started in September. Although, most of my current friends didn't actually attend the day.

    You'll find that the people are a nice bunch and the lecturers are helpful. Everyone supports each other, which is pretty fab.
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Updated: April 4, 2012
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