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Glasses on your preferred sex - With or without?

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  • View Poll Results: Would your ideal partner be with or without glasses?
    On girl - With!
    On girl - On balance, with.
    On girl - No preference at all.
    On girl - On balance, without.
    On girl - Without!
    On guy - With!
    On guy - On balance, with.
    On guy - no preference at all.
    On guy - On balance, without.
    On guy - Without!

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    Hmm, probably narrowly without. But not too fussed. What does everybody else think?

    BTW, when I say 'on balance', this is anticipating responses such as "they can look nice on some guys/girls, but I generally prefer guys/girls to be without them." Etc.
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    Honestly, if there were two identical girls except one wore glasses and the other didn't, I'd go for the one who didn't.

    However, It would barely affect my judgement of any girl, spose in some ways it would be good if they wore them as I often wear them, and so she wouldnt find me wearing them unattractive
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    I'm a right sucker for girls who wear glasses - pity most of them prefer wearing contacts!

    For guys - meh, usually without I guess!

    EDIT: Yes, I'm a fellow specs wearer!
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    Depends on the girl, in my opinion. Some girls look AWESOME with glasses . And some... don't. Doesn't really matter to me. If it changes anything; I wear glasses.
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    (Original post by Left Eye)
    Depends on the girl, in my opinion. Some girls look AWESOME with glasses . And some... don't. Doesn't really matter to me. If it changes anything; I wear glasses.
    Exactly this.

    It doesn't really matter but some people really do suit them.
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    Tough one. I don't know really. I suppose in general, girls without glasses edge ahead, but then there are some girls who look better with them. I can't imagine situations where a girl who I find attractive in glasses isn't attractive without the glasses, or vice versa.

    Not exactly related to the question, but I wear glasses and I'm inclined to believe I look better with them than without them. And I don't like contact lenses much because I only have dailies and they prohibit spontaneous napping.
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    I wear glasses, but hate them. I generally try and wear contacts whenever I go out, but tbh, whenever I meet new guys and they add me on facebook or something and see I actually wear glasses, their opinion of my "attractiveness" goes completely down the pan.

    Maybe my glasses help me though, I mean it eliminated the shallow dickheads I guess.
    I voted for guys "on preference without", by this I mean they sometimes wear glasses, cos they're actually cute and sexy from time to time. But yeah, generally without, though to me it's heart that matters. So if he did have to wear glasses, wouldn't care.
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    i wear glasses ALL THE TIME, unless im out clubbing/doing something slightly risky where they could break i.e. ice skating or something.

    I dont really know if guys mind them or not :/ most guys i pull are when im clubbing which is when i wear contact lenses. BUT, in saying that, i have been out more recently with my glasses on and still get attention.

    I think generally guys prefer no glasses.

    Personally, i prefer guys that dont wear glasses. But maybe thats just because i rarely see people in glasses nowadays!
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    I tend to prefer glasses, I've worn them my whole life & contact lenses aren't strong enough for my prescription. I'd be jealous of his/her sight if they didn't. And some people just really suit glasses.
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    i know some guys who look really hot with glasses.... no preference
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    Depends on the style of glasses and if they look good on the guys face. But certain people look brilliant with glasses on. :love:
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    (Original post by aspirinpharmacist)
    Depends on the style of glasses and if they look good on the guys face. But certain people look brilliant with glasses on. :love:
    Rest assured; I am the latter. So... Hello there! ;P
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    I wear glasses, but I prefer to wear contacts (due to an eye infection over the past 2 years, I've had to stick to glasses, this may change in the next month or so), that's my personal choice for myself. On a partner, I wouldn't care that much.
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    I wear glasses consistently, and have often been told "girls don't look pretty with glasses".. great self esteem boost
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    Without but it doesn't really matter, as long as it suits her. Some girls who wear glasses look weird without.
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    I really don't like going out with my glasses on, but I've been told I look nice in them. I think I slightly prefer girls without glasses, but I still find girls just as attractive with them on.
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    I don't really know any guys with glasses so I can't comment but I have glasses and it turns out that my boyfriend really likes it when I wear them.
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    some people look good in glasses whilst some people look worse. Then again it depends on the glasses. I find they get in the way of things like kissing but some people find them sexy - they can be if you're getting a blowjob for example, but in general Id go for girls without
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    Glasses off please ladies, they just obscure your face (and often make it hard to tell whether you find a girl attractive at a glance)
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    My bf wears glasses but this is only occasionally. I'd say I prefer him without, but probably just because I'm not used to him with them on so much! In general I wouldn't really mind, a guy having glasses certainly wouldn't put me off, but if I had to choose I would say without because then you could see his eyes better - and as a glasses wearer myself I know they can be annoying and get in the way a bit when snuggling up


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