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What is your favorite brand of clothes?

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    Hey guys and girls I am just wondering what fashion brands are popular among students now, so post your favorite here. Name one only and it should be the one that you like better then others. Also you can add short description why it is so good in your opinion. I will start and please use the following form :

    Sex: Male
    Name of brand: Ralph Lauren
    Number of items in wardrobe: 5-6
    Why do you like it: I like authentic American style that it embodies as well as design in general.
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    SEX: Male
    Name of Brand: Hollister
    Number of items in wardrobe:28 (exactly)
    Why do you like it: I Like the atmosphere present in the stores (on quiet days) and the music they play instore is also very good, I like the bird/seagull logo as i think its one of the better looking logos on clothes and I like the fit of the tshirts and plaid shirts
    Also living in cornwall, we dont have a hollister anywhere within about 200 miles, so not everyone wears it at college
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    Didnt mean to post twice
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    I like Abercrombie, under armour, ann taylor , jcrew, ralph lauren, laundry.
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    Sex: Female
    Name of brand: Pull & Bear
    Number of items in wardrobe: ~6
    Why do you like it: It's good quality stuff and at extremely reasonable prices in the sales! (Fair prices when not on sale too, I should add). I once got some really nice jeans from there for £4 in the sales :yes:
    I also like how all the shop assistants are Spanish, and they think I can't understand what they're saying but I can (most of it anyway - I do A-level Spanish)
    The staff are always really helpful too. AND you can do free delivery to store, which is always a plus for me.
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    Female & don't give a crap about brands so long as it looks good and the quality is good for the price I'm willing to pay.
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    Sex: Male
    Name of brand: Nike
    Number of items in wardrobe: 8 or so
    Why do you like it: Great shoes/running trainers and the majority of my running gear is Nike as it's pretty good quality and looks nice. Basically all for running, I'm not a huge brand guy though
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    Just to be different, I'd say Brave Soul, because it sells essentials like Stripy vests etc but also cute broderie anglais dresses all in one place, rather than going to numerous shops.


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Updated: April 4, 2012
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