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Help I need some money

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    Since ema has gone, my school gave a bursary slip this was October I sent my letter a week later and they replied a month later saying my letter was incorrect so they send It back and then I send it back to them and I thought they probably might take another month but no they said my letter isn't even there, it is almost feb so they send me another bursary form after holidays and then they accepted it but today they told me my school doesn't do the bursary but my school was the one who told me about the bursary. I need some money for food some days i can't afford lunch and the days I cand afford lunch it is too small to actually fill me up, I was hoping the bursary would help me, but I got nothing spent all my money on two exam re-sits. I have dyslexia if that helps. I just want some money plz help me get some before the end of this year, school is too
    Much i can't work on an empty stomach.
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    I can't work because I can't keep up with school, I got ABCC for my results A for s1 B for C2 , C for C1 and C for chemistry OCR unit 1
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    Not to sound disrespectful but can't you ask for pocketmoney? My mum gave me £30 a month when I was at highschool until I turned 16. Then I got a job. Also, take packed lunches to school? I don't think I EVER bought lunch at school.
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    I tried packed lunches but I came to te school late was ill 1st 2 weeks and my school no lockers and my friends don't have enough space. My packed lunch normally breaks apart before lunch and i get £20 a month this is for food and savings which includes clothes only got 2 pair of shoes and one is almost torn, u didnt sound disrespectful
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    You can pack a sandwich into foil and put it in your bag and it wouldn't even take much room up.
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    My problem is that I had a grow spurt and I'm too big and I need A lot more food, I'm 6"7 and I started growing a 2 years ago and I'm still growing. I am 220lbs


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