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Student accommodation leeds metro!!!! 1 mill street or opal one and two?

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    Hi all!
    Im going to be applying for accommodation very very soon!
    But im stuck between Opal one and two and 1 Mill street!!
    Im going to apply for a en-suite but I just want to know what accommodation is better and nicer?
    and any information!!!!!
    my course is at the city campus!!


    opal's in a much better location, closer to town and uni and much more going on round there

    sorry can't tell you owt about how nice they are

    i have already applied for opal so i would recommend that one
    it has good facilities and a gym right underneath it, but i would also say dont you think it is better going to visit just to make sure ?
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    But how do i go and visit the actual accommodation?
    What course have you applied for?

    I can only comment on mill street because its where I am living.
    mill street is great if you like the following...

    lads who love to drink lager until they can no longer maximize their already depleted brain capacity to the point where all they can manage is the odd comment about vulva, black people actually being decent people, and ****ers who arn't like them.

    the fact these people actually attend institutes of higher education speaks badly for the country but the fact that around 95% of the tenants here leeds met students says enough.

    they are northern, love rugby, smashing girls in, having a laugh and their choice of literature consists of zoo and nuts magazine. the girls are similar in nature.

    if you are a leeds uni student - stay away. chances are you are going to uni for a reason and therefore staying at mill street will drag you down.

    plus its quite a walk to the uni.

    I visited my friend when he lived there and it's nice, very modern and the rooms are decent sized. It's still close to town but a walk to uni depending on what building of the uni you're in.

    I'm going to be at the city campus too im thinking opal ! just not sure if its worth the money, would really like to see it but i dont know how

    im thinkin of choosin mill street or carlton hill, found bit more info an pics on this website http://www.unipol.org.uk/Housing/Por...ill_Street.asp

    hope that helps x

    Im thinking of One Mill street too, looks decent and hopefully quite lively

    I've lived in One Mill Street for a year now, It's amazing. If you still have not made your choice, do it now. Top millers.


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Updated: April 13, 2012
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