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Can anybody tell me the breed of this dog please?

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    I want to say Shih Tzu as it looks like my Shih Tzu puppy :} But I'm no dog expert, this is what a shih tzu puppy looks like, what do you reckon?

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    Seems like a toy poodle

    Can someone else please confirm?
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    shihtzu is close but i don't think it's quite right. hmmmmm
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    Looks like a labradoodle puppy to me.
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    reckon labradoodle is the closest so far! may well's so cute!
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    It is a Bichon Frieze puppy.
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    see? Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bichon frieze.jpg 
Views:	97 
Size:	9.8 KB 
ID:	139946
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    it does look like that particular one, but i'm still not sure, it doesnt seem white enough, and its face isn't quite right maybe a cross? hmm
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    looks like a cross = poodle/lhasa/bichon or some combo of.
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    looks like a cockapoo - cocker spaniel mix with toy poodle
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    i think a labradoodle
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    IT might be a labradoodle (cross between Labrador and poodle) it looks the right colour and the hair is curly!
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    It's a bichon ****zhu cross. I have one they are really popular here in Canada. She doesn't shed and is a total cuddle addict.
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    (Original post by lsaul95)
    I want to say Shih Tzu as it looks like my Shih Tzu puppy :} But I'm no dog expert, this is what a shih tzu puppy looks like, what do you reckon?

    OMG that's one cute puppy!

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    (Original post by catoswyn)
    OMG that's one cute puppy!

    I know right, my one is all cream and he is called Optimus Prime, OP (pronounced Oh-pee) for short
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    Cockapoo maybe?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cockapoo.jpg 
Views:	87 
Size:	16.8 KB 
ID:	139957
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    looks to me like a cockerpoo
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    labradoodle. No doubt about it

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	labradoodle-puppies.jpg 
Views:	94 
Size:	77.1 KB 
ID:	140564
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    to me, it looks like a shih tzu x poodle or a cockapoo


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Updated: September 11, 2012
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