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Minced Beef

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    Probably the most common meat I buy when I go food shopping. Usually it turns into a Spag Bol, a Chilli, a Lasagne or some form of Cottage/Shephards Pie. And frankly, i'm a bit bored of them now.

    I really like minced beef though, it's incredibly easy to use. Is there any more obscure recipes which use Minced Beef that you'd reccommend?
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    Homemade burgers. Put a slice of cheese in the middle of them so it melts as the burger cooks.
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    Could try a beef jambalaya
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    Burgers, meatballs, koftas, gyros, enchiladas, stuffed peppers, meatloaf...
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    too much redmeat pal...
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    Beef burritos
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    Both sound rank but I like it ontop of a pizza!!
    Or mix it with a bolognaise sauce cook some pasta mix it all together put it in a dish with cheeses and bake for a pasta bolognaise bake - tastes better really crispy and dry with salad cream.
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    I use beef mince in curry quite a bit, I really like it.
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    Mousakka, kebabs, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, burgers, meatballs, stuffed peppers, stews. First things that spring to mind.
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    Use equal amounts potato and mince.

    Peel and chop the potatoes into 1cm cubes, parboil until they're soft but still hold their shape, drain and set aside.

    Fry garlic and chopped onion in a pan with some vegetable oil until softened and add the mince. Add the mince and when it goes to a grey/brownish colour, re-add the the potato.

    Mix the mince and potato carefully - don't break the potato! Season with black pepper, soy sauce and oyster sauce (more oyster than soy). Add chicken stock or water if you like more of a sauce, and serve over rice and/or green vegetables.
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    Thankyou for the suggestions so far! I'll be trying a couple of these over the next couple of weeks now that i'm back at University. Some of these are really tempting!

    Thanks again.


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