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Having trouble parking

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    I passed my driving test a month ago and got a car a few weeks ago.
    I'm loving driving but am having a lot of trouble reversing into a bay, I just can't seem to get it right at all! On my instructor's car I new exactly where I was supposed to be turning and obviously got a lot of guidance.
    The car I'm in is quite big but not huge (2009 Ford Fiesta) and I'm either wonky in the bay or two wide or straddling two bays.

    Does anybody have any advice?

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    Go out at night and practice on a car park where it's empty.
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    Yeah what StanKing said.

    Either go to a car park that's deserted one day.. or at night when there's no one around and practice there. There used to be a car park near I live that's usually empty during the day/night, and I used to just practice there.

    Although since I've passed, I've never reversed into a bay before, I just park straight into it now.
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    A fiesta is quite big? That is something new for me.
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    Women and their inability to park... :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Potential Trigger)
    A fiesta is quite big? That is something new for me.
    It's not huge but it's definitely bigger than the old style fiestas.
    It's a tad smaller than the ford focus.

    I might have a practise.
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    (Original post by sundogs)
    It's not huge but it's definitely bigger than the old style fiestas.
    It's a tad smaller than the ford focus.

    I might have a practise.
    Lol I was just teasing. Yeah the best bet is to keep on practising, that will teach you when to turn in e.t.c. I have been driving for 6 plus years so it's routine. Eventually it will become instinctive for you. Every car is a little different too.
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    I'm crap at parking too, I usually just keep moving it in and out until it's between the lines and I can get out without smashing the car next to me and so they can get in their car of course. I'm gradually getting better.
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    Go to a big supermarket car park, by me theres a few huge Tescos and Sainsburys which are always really busy for the first few rows and then it gradually gets emptier the further away you get; should be plenty of space for you to practice and saves you doing it at night,would be easier in the day. It might not be possible or easy to do in the day due to the layout of the car park (cars going up and down the rows to get exit) but they shouldbe open 24 hours anyway so you can go early in the morning or late at night and try it.
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    I've had a license for 5 years now and it wasn't until last summer I even attempted to reverse into a parking bay! My test centre didn't do it in the driving test so my instructor never taught me.

    The more you drive the more you get used to the size and how the car moves, so I wouldn't worry, compared to my 5 years, a few weeks are nothing!
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    You'll get used to it. Best thing to remember is get the two lines in your mirrors and then get them equal. Take on/ put off steering as needed. You'll go straight in every time.

    Eventually you can judge it no problem at all.
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    Practise! When I first started I couldn't reverse park - I wasn't taught it for my test. But I'm now actually better at that than going in forwards.
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    Try looking at the centre of the spot so you know where to aim, and then pick the lines up in the door mirrors once you're closer. You'll improve with practice.

    I wouldn't say a Fiesta was particularly big though
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    (Original post by StanKing)
    Go out at night and practice on a car park where it's empty.
    Yeah, do this.
    There wont be anyone around so you dont have to worry about looking stupid. And it doesnt matter if you dont get it quite right or anything, because there will be no other cars around.


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