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What do people think of my chances?

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    Hello All,

    Great to find such an active forum.

    Getting straight to the point....

    I am currently a 29 year old who is just finishing a degree in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management (RICS) at the University Of Wolverhampton. During the degree i have undertaken two years in Saudi Arabia working for a large construction firm. I worked as a Commercial QS in Contract Administration and my main duties were drafting contract letters and making sure that procedures were being done as pursuant to the contract. I thoroughly enjoyed the Law modules at Uni and got high grades and am currently on course for a 1st class degree.My work experience has been phenomenol. I am now so eager to get into the law and maybe to specialise in Construction or Dispute Resolution.

    I am so motivated to succeed but really really want to get on to a training contract maybe with a silver circle firm.

    My problems...
    Only got 2 A levels (Mitigating circumstances)
    Didnt go to a 'recognised' university as i had to commute.
    Im 29

    My plusses...
    Predicted First
    Obtained a great work placement
    Sociable etc etc

    What does everyone think of my chances...?

    Please elaborate regarding excellent work exp.
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    Well when all my fellow classmates couldnt get a placement that was worth anything I managed to get a very good, well paid job in Saudi working for a top firm. I thought that it might show that I am motivated. Plus working in a cut throat business world may give me an edge and it was on the legal side of things....

    Does it not count for anything?!!

    What exactly did you do? How would you sell it on an application form? If it's too vague, it won't come across well and they might well ignore it.

    Your international experience appears impressive. Whether it is enough to make up for your academics is difficult to say. If you have proof of mitigating circumstances then that should be taken into account by the firms you apply to. The issue is this: The top firms (including those in the silver circle) will be most keen on international experience. However, they are also very keen on grades and i fear your application might get rejected automatically for not meeting the grades.

    My advice to you would be to work as hard as you can now to get that first.
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    I actually have a couple of days back in the UK coming up so may arrange to meet some of the HR departments at the firms that i like. Maybe meeting them in person might give me a better hope of explaining my work and to explain the poor A Level showing.

    What do you think?..!

    What are your mitigating circumstances? If they are genuinely mitigating and you have evidence then the A-level thing isn't an absolute bar.

    Is working for a construction firm in Saudi "excellent work experience" for the legal sector? Not really, no.

    (Original post by hmaus)
    This does not really sound realistic. HR are happy to talk to potential applicants at law fairs and organised open days (which you usually have to fill in an application form for) but it would be unusual for them to give you the kind of meeting you are suggesting. Maybe you could email a few firms, explain you experience and predicted first and ask whether they would accept your application even though you don't meet the A level grade requirements? If you can get the first this should help a lot.
    I agree with this. Perhaps also try calling HR. If you can summarise your experiences in 4-5 lines (succinctness is imperative in a commercial law career) and they're willing to listen to this, you could have a chance when you later send through a considered application.


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