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What are you ACTUALLY good at?

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    Hello. I was just having a conversation with my dad about my sixth form and future plans. I told him that I NEED to do well in the next year and a half, otherwise I'd just be wasting myself on a subject I'm ok at and enjoy.

    Then I it somehow came to me that I'm ONLY ok(not good) at that one thing... I don't really excel in anything else. It depressed me...

    In short, I'm wondering what/how many things people are good and excel at.
    It can be anything; from the stative things to the dynamic things.

    So, what are YOU actually good at?

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    In fact I'm doing it right now
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    Rugby, Maths, Chemistry and the ever present Procrastinating.
    Oh and physics but i didn't take that at A-level for a reason i can't pathom...
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    Anything that isn't maths. Or basketball.
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    I'd like to think Maths, Cooking, Brewing (My nut brown ale is beautiful) and stand up comedy
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    Complaining I don't do enough work.
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    Finding the flaws in things.
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    (Original post by Profesh)
    Anything that isn't maths. Or basketball.
    that's two of the things i'm good at... mines anything requiring spacial awareness excluding sports.
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    Define Excel?
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    Maths, physics, guitar, but most of all procrastination.
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    Household chores.
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    Evading justice.
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    (Original post by Metamorphism)
    Define Excel?
    Spreadsheet software designed by Microsoft.
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    (Original post by Metamorphism)
    Define Excel?
    Erm... something that you're very good at; where you actually sat down and thought "S**t, I'm actually pretty damn good at this"
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    Writing stories. Baking. Taking care of children. Crashing into other cars. Reading. Falling over flat surfaces. Crying over movies even if they aren't sad. Spending a lot of time on the internet. Listening to people.
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    I'm very good on apps like fruit ninja and doodle jump

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    (Original post by HLPCP)
    I think i'm scarred for life now. Your young Harry Potter picture really really changes the perspective on that post.
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    Think I've nailed it to be honest. :smug:

    [EDIT] Negging me because you're jealous of my talent? Wow. Real grown up. I'm going to go tell on you.
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    Languages, procrastinating, making a mess, navigating, playing piano, daydreaming.


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