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Resolution 2012/05 - Readdressing the issue of chocolate

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    A new resolution from the representative for the Russian Federation:

    Resolution 2012/05 - Readdressing the issue of chocolate

    Commitee: The World Food Program
    SUBMITTED BY: The Russian Federation

    Section I: -
    The Russian Federation feels that the provision of chocolate to human beings still hasn't gone far enough and that we should address this issue,

    Noting that chocolate contains neuroactive alkaloids, which effectively makes human beings happier. There is also a link between mood and altruism,

    Declaring that world conflict wouldn’t be in this state if there was an equitable distribution of chocolate in the world,

    Emphasising that we cannot hope for world peace if developing countries have no access to such an easily accessible commodity by the developed world, for the reasons stated in the last paragraph,

    Further emphasising that consuming at least a bar of chocolate is actually quite good for you,

    Realising, however that too much consumption is a bad thing. Eating too much chocolate can increase your body weight cholesterol, and lead to health problems. However this applies to most consumption,

    Further realising that not all individuals can eat chocolate due to allergy and special diets etc

    Section II: -
    The Russian Federation would also like to point out that we are,

    I. Deeply concerned by the disparity of chocolate levels consumed by different countries as coco producing countries often cannot afford to buy the chocolate they produce.

    II. Convinced that underweight children need an extra bar of chocolate a day

    III. Deeply Convinced that educational performance in schools will improve with just one bar of chocolate

    IV. Believing that, having adopted a free milk policy for primary school children in the United Kingdom, and seeing the results of energy levels and the overall performance of primary schools improve substantially since the 1970s, believe that this will further increase such levels.

    V. Condoning any country that opposes chocolate for the reasons stated

    Section III: -
    Therefore urges all member states to get involved with this resolution.

    - Make the consumption of one bar of chocolate per day, in state schools, at least compulsory until the end of Primary education.

    - Encourages secondary and tertiary schools/universities to give provision of a bar of free chocolate to every individual, everyday

    - Further encourages member states to allocate a double dosing of chocolate to those children who are underweight

    - Requests that chocolate provision is not given in a singular flavour or type of chocolate; that different variations are always available.

    - Further requests that at the end of the economic year, that at least 50% of the state chocolate surplus, if this is the case, go to countries lacking the chocolate, unless there are extenuating circumstances (of which we are yet to determine).

    - Declares accordingly that those unable to eat chocolate should have access to alternatives such as Carob, Dairy free chocolate and chocolate with no added sugar.

    - Finally hoping that chocolate manufacturers will be encouraged by their operative member states to provide a small percentage of their chocolate surplus to those in need; both domestically and abroad.

    The The Russian Federation particularly encourages all member states to ratify this resolution if necessary, in order to meet in needs of all member states

    (Original post by Stricof)
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    As one of the most statistically happy countries in the world, Iceland is well aware of the undeniably positive effects chocolate can have on a nation and thus would fully approve of this resolution.
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    The Democratic People's Republic of Korea agrees, and wishes for increased provision in our nation as we require chocolate aid.
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    The MHoC welcomes this resolution, but will refrain from supporting this resolution until the text explicitly states that this should be combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise which can also increase people's happiness. Should said text appear within the resolution, then the MHoC will vote in favour of this resolution.
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    New Zealand seconds the MHoCs sentiments.
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    Also one of the statistically happiest countries in the world, Finland supports this resolution. On a personal front, however, Finland requests that more attention is given to other chocolate varieties other than the traditional chocolate bar, such as chocolate ice-cream. Finland is the largest consumer of ice-cream in Europe, a high proportion of which is chocolate.
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    Since Mexico is fighting a drug war in its borders it believes that the money that would be required to pay for this would be better placed fighting the drug cartels that our raping our country.
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    Switzerland greatly supports this motion from our Russian friends and as the 2nd in the top three happiest countries in the world (2nd to our friends in The Kingdom of Denmark) we can see the great benefits of our chocolate. Also, as Switzerland as a nation is noted for Toblerone and other high quality chocolate products we believe that this motion will bring about newly created jobs to help our economy.
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    Tunisia needs more happiness as the long term effects of its revoultion kick in, we support this motion.
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    Qatar also needs more happiness in it's country so we also support this Resolution.
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    Libya feels that distributing chocolate to our people would be a fantastic way to celebrate daily the fall of the hated dictator Gaddafi. However, we are still rebuilding our nation due to the damage he caused. Would fellow nations be willing to sell us chocolate at a discounted rate, or even to help us create our own revolutionary chocolate bar?
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    (Original post by Moleman1996)
    Tunisia needs more happiness as the long term effects of its revoultion kick in, we support this motion.
    Libya wishes to add that this resolution would help our brother nations in the African Union to improve their economies and develop further due to increased demand for cocoa beans.
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    Lithuania feels this motion has good potential as Lithuania recognises not only the benefits of chocolate but also the pleasure of such a delicious treat.
    However one pressing issue that has been ignored in the motion and was briefly mentioned by Libya is that many producers of cocoa beans are not receiving the profits they deserve as multinational chocolate firms are holding these poor farmers to ransom due to the state of real and absolute poverty these farmers and indeed their home nations are in. This motion would be more productive if there was an initiative to ensure the producers of the cocoa beans are given a fair profit for their crops and are not taken advantage of by multinationals and chocolate producers. Lithuania will not sit quite if this motion sees the return of such unfair trading as was seen in the end of the 20th century and early 21st century.
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    Zimbabwe echos the thoughts of Lithuania and goes further to say that, although we have full trust in Russia's sentiments, we do not trust the western imperialists of the UK, US and allies. Zimbabwe feels these nations will take advantage of such a resolution to further damage African and indeed other underdeveloped nations for their own profit.
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    Although Namibia supports this resolution, we would rather initiate a local policy of free biltong as we are a nation of savoury, not sweet eaters.
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    Madagascar approves the principle of this resolution, but is concerned by the amount of 'chocolate flavour' confectionary in Madagascar purporting to be chocolate but not actually containing any chocolate. It is worried that its citizens may be taken in by these false products and suggests that we need standards for chocolate provision that stipulate minimum cocoa content etc. Madagascar is proud of its national brand of "Robert" chocolate but is too in need of chocolate aid in order to enable its poorer citizens to participate.
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    The Holy See has been supporting chocolate since 1569. For example, eating it does not count as breaking religious fasts.

    [OOC: Which is sort of ironic, these days]
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    Nicaragua abstains due to concerns about long-term effects of this distribution of chocolate e.g. increasing obesity levels.
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    Greece supports this resolution; particularly when regarding malnourished children.
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    The Poll is up!!


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