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Itunes vs System Reboot and loosing music?

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    Hi TSR,

    I have found myself needing to complete a full factory reset on my laptop as it has become very sluggish and blocked up with old files, old programs and general long term build u
    I was wondering, when I do this, and all of the music on the laptopis erased, will I lose the music on my ipod when I connect it or is there a way of extracting said music? Unfortunately, I don't have a portable device capable of holding my music (20+gb) so I cant simply copy it and transfer it after.

    Apologies if it seems a silly question but I don't want to lose my music.
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    Switch your iPod over to manual syncing before performing the reset, if you don't sync manually already. That will stop your iPod from clearing itself out in the presence of an empty iTunes. From here there's a few ways to get the music off your iPod and back onto the computer depending on which iPod you have, Google shall show you the way.


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Updated: April 17, 2012
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