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2012 offers for Music

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    I just got my offer to study Music at Hull. Is anybody else in the same boat as me?
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    I have an offer which I put as my firm choice yesterday.

    280 points plus Grade 7 Singing. What is your offer?
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    I'm a mature student so I already have the required grades but I've been asked to complete my Grade 8 Piano. I don't think this should cause too much trouble.

    I really loved the University on my interview day. I thought the buildings were really nice and the people were really friendly. I also think the course is brilliant. Are you a BA or Bmus applicant?
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    Ah, that must make things easier for you! Interesting that they've asked you for Grade 8 and me Grade 7!

    I'm a BA applicant; I decided to keep my options open a bit rather than doing pure music with the BMus. How about you?
    The university is lovely, not what I was expecting at all from the reputation the city has. I rather enjoyed the interview to, it just felt really relaxed and pleasant.
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    Hull only ask for Grade 7 according to their page on the UCAS website. However in my application I mentioned that I have already entered myself for Grade 8 Piano, so that's probably why.

    I'm the same way. I wasn't really considering Hull before the interview, but I enjoyed the day so much - I was really surprised. I'm completely torn between Hull and my initial first choice University and I have spent all of this beautiful Saturday on my laptop trying to make my mind up. When was your interview? I don't think we've met, mine was on weds the 28th of Feb.

    I'm a Bmus applicant. I want to Focus on Music.
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    Ah, that makes sense. Plus you've already got your other grades so they probably wanted to give you something to work towards!

    My interview was back at the beginning of December and I received my offer not long after so we probably haven't met! I was originally torn between Hull and York however the staff at Hull seemed much more down-to-earth and friendly; I seemed to fit in much better there. I was originally put off slightly by the lack of prestige, however many people have said it's on it's way up in terms of league tables and recognition. The phrase "hidden gem" is an interesting one
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    Wow December? Miles before mine. I got my offer a week after interview, so start of this month. I was put off by the same thing, which is why Hull was so low on my expectations to begin with. If you get in, where will you be staying? One of the past students told me Needler Hall has a Steinway grand. I'm desperate to find pictures of this, but on the accommodation website it states there are two practice rooms with Pianos. [Link below]

    I know that It's so Cliche but my heart wants me to go to Hull (loved it) and my head wants me to go to the other, more 'prestigious', university that I wasn't as keen on during audition. I don't know what to do. :/.

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    I think it's Thwaite Hall that has the grand piano. I really wanted there simply for the piano, however I'm a little bit picky and need an en-suite room which Thwaite Hall don't do unfortunately so it'll be The Lawns for me I think!

    I'd say go with your heart. You're going to be spending the next 3 years of your life there so you need to be where you're going to be happiest
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    Oh? I forgot which one had the grand then. I was confused by the fact that this website says Needler has two music practice rooms. But then again, when does a 'practice room' ever have a grand in it. I'll look into it. En-suite is definitely one of the main features I was looking for, but as a Piano student I can't turn down a grand.

    I know, that would be the obvious answer. But all I've wanted during my gap year was to study at this other University. I just feel like I was let down by the organisation on my interview day. I may end up loving it there but I just didn't get as good a first impression as when I went to Hull. I feel like I need to go to both again rather than spending hours on the internet. :/

    Just a curiosity, who interviewed you?
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    Today hasn't been a complete waste, I have found a decent amount of information. Check this out, this is pretty cool.

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    I've accepted my place on the Music course so providing I get the grades, I should also be coming
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    Ooh, that's great! Another musician Out of interest, what is your offer and what do you play?
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    My offer is 300 points from either BBB or ABC and a grade 7.

    Piano is my first instrument, with double bass as my second and I also sing.
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    Hello, I hope to come to do Music at Hull as well my offer is 280 points with a B in Music and I also need to provide proof for my Grade 8. I really hope I get to come here because it is my favorite university by far!


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