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History Applicants Thread

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    Hello, i have an offer to study History BA at Westminster and am interested to see whether there are any other applicants/current students who have/are applied/studying there.

    I would like to know your thoughts about the History course. Are you enjoying the course? Are teachers good? Any complaints about your overall experience studying history at Westminster?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated
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    Hi there! I've also applied for BA History at Westminster, just purely because the course looks brilliant!
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    Hi! I applied too and put it as my firm!!! The course looks wicked and the lecturers seems really cool so far! Kind of excited to get stuck in lol :P
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    Ive got unconditional from westminster & Roehampton dont know which one to go for.

    what made you go for westminster?
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    Easy to travel to, all the buildings (bar Harrow) are within walking distance of one another, good course content and recommendations from friends and teachers who are alumni
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    (Original post by RedBedHead)
    Hi! I applied too and put it as my firm!!! The course looks wicked and the lecturers seems really cool so far! Kind of excited to get stuck in lol :P
    Hey, did you come to one of our open days? Its good to know at least one person has put History at Westminster as their firm, most people I talked to have it as their insurance. And yea, our lecturers as awesome!!
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    Put it as my firm too


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Updated: May 12, 2012
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