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Recognising outstanding mod contributions

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    The latest post from the TSR Blog:

    In recognition of the hard work our moderators do on the site, we like to recognise both the mods and their contributions to moderation and the community as a whole. Today we would like to award fire2burn and Sazzy890 for their commitment and efforts in the Health and Relationships forums, particularly in the Mental Health [...]

    Read more on the TSR Blog...
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    Congrats Guys!

    (Original post by fire2burn)
    (Original post by Sazzy890)
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    Aww, thank you The award made my day
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    Congrats to the pair of you, seriously well deserved.
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    Very well-deserved! :yep: Keep up the great work, both
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    :hat2: Why thank you very much.
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    (Original post by Sazzy890)
    Aww, thank you The award made my day
    (Original post by fire2burn)
    :hat2: Why thank you very much.
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    Congrats to you both


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