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Chester PGCE Primary fees and funding

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    Hi all, newbie here.

    I've been offered a PGCE Primary place at Chester University for this Sept.

    I have a few queries that I thought some of you friendly folks might be able to help me with.

    I'm aware there are PGCE Bursaries this year. I believe I would be eligible for up to £5000 having a 2:1 degree and applying for PGCE Primary.

    How do I find out more about this?
    I've seen and digested the info on the TA website etc, but for more info, how this is distributed, how to confirm I am eligible etc.
    Is this administered by individual Unis or other local bodies?
    e.g. who should I contact.

    Also, it sounds silly but i'm struggling to find out exactly how much Chester Uni are charging this year re PGCE Tuition fees.
    The website is a maze of ambiguity and other student/teaching/uni info websites are shedding little light on the matter.
    I've heard rumours they were charging £8500 but cannot verify this for the above reason.

    Thanks guys,

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    PGCE bursaries are dealt with by the university. You will get further information at the start of your course in September.

    Best to contact the university about fees, they will know for certain.
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    Thanks Mini, have emailed Chester. Thought that may be the case.

    I'm currently starting to apply for a maintanence grant.
    Filling in all the relevant information. But so far i've not been asked what I'm wanting to apply for...

    I'm not aplying for a loan (as yet), all i'm going for is the grant. I dont want to fill in all this to find it was not needed. Have I missed something or will I be asked if I want to apply for loan / grant at the end of the process?
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    Pretty much the last question they ask is about the loan/grant as far as I remember.


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Updated: April 30, 2012
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