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Physics A2 isa unit 5

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    I'm going to have a cooling curve isa. My last SHM isa was poor, just 35/50. Do anyone know about the grade boundaries for the isa? Can anyone help me for the cooling curve isa? I really need an A for physics.

    By the way, how do we calculate the overall grade boundaries for physics? For example, if i get 2As for both unit 4 and unit 5 but just a C or D for unit 6, would it be a B or do we use the total UMS marks for calculating the grade? Thanks a lot.

    The grade boundaries depends on the UMS marks the exam board set for this year. 35/50 is more likely to be a B though.

    The total is 600. you will need 480 for an A, don't really remember the rest. If you got the grades you suggested above, it's likely to be a B as well, unless your As are really low As. Depends on your AS as well. If your AS are good, that might save you from a C to a B.
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    so, do i just need to add up all the UMS marks for calculating the overall grade?

    Hi, the grade boundaries for the ISA are quite high, for one of the ones i did about 4 weeks ago (AQA) 70% was an E and it went up a grade every 4% or 2 marks. It's annoying when people get 69% and end up getting a U :0 slightly messed up


    What do you do for the practical mate?

    (Original post by Anonymous1994)
    Hey I'm doing the experiment on Friday, and the question paper next Friday. If that's earlier than when you are taking them, I'll be glad to help.
    Hey I would like to ask what are the best things to revise for the test, any particular areas within that that would be useful too

    Thanks :]

    Grade boundaries for converting raw marks to UMS marks in the ISA and modules are here: http://web.aqa.org.uk/UMS/

    UMS boundaries for all modules and the total for AS and A2 are here:


    Also, remember that talking about the content of exams will get posts reported. We all need good grades, and it's grossly unfair if some of us go into the exam not knowing the content because we've stuck to the rules, when there are other people who know what's going to be on it coz they've been chatting about it on here.

    The UMS boundaries are so ****ty - ie two raw marks between each grade boundary - due to people getting unrealistically high marks. I wonder why that might be?

    discussing content of the exams is only making the problem worse.

    Sorry for the rant. But it shouldn't be ok to discuss whats on the exam. it is cheating at the end of the day...


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