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    Hey guys,

    I've just received an offer for a room in Pendle Hall for sept 2012, is anyone else living in this hall?

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    hey, i just got an offer for there as well in room 2 room flat 7
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    Is that brook street or victoria street pendle hall?! I just found out there is two! But I'm flat 7 room 1 in brook street!

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    yeah i'm in the brook street x
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    i think its just us two in that flat tbh i think its a two bedroom flat and we have the same name lol x
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    Oh how cool! I was worried who I might live with! Yeah it is us two how weird we have the same name! What course are you doing? I'm not sure how to private message on here, oops! x
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    I know I've been so worried about it, that's why I signed upto this so I could get a heads up on who it maybe, because you don't know what to expect ha and because we have a shared bathroom I've seen so many student places and its always worried me for when I move in somewhere, ironic how we have the same name though I'm doing textiles what are you doing? Xx
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    (Original post by ger3)
    I'm not sure how to private message on here, oops! x
    Click on the user name, then 'send Private Message'
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    (Original post by Pranavian)
    Click on the user name, then 'send Private Message'
    Thank you! Gemma I tried to private message you but I dont know if it sent to the right place! If not it's gone somewhere floating about on this website!



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Updated: May 3, 2012
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