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Be Honest, Would you of done the same?

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    I was going out with this guy for like six months. Such a lovelly guy, really good looking, tottaly my type, but he told me he was a virgin....Thats was fine with me, im not going to rush him into something that he may regret, 25 and still a virgin...rare thing to come across.

    anywhoo, couples can still "get to know" eachother without full sex right!

    Then i found out......one massssive problem, He has a tiny dick And when i say tiny, i mean so tiny he won't be able to have sex with anyone with it, thus explaining the reason he hasnt had sex yet. It must be the reason hes still a virgin.

    I know this is bad but i got to the point where i just couldnt see a future with him, i want to and deserve a healthy sex life and just don't see how that could happen with him. He started to stifle me and i ended up finishing things with him. Is there a better way you think i could of delt with this? Thanks

    That's sad to hear that that was the main reason you guys split up, but I can totally understand how it would be hard to pursue a relationship with a guy of that age who's a virgin. However, you can still have a fulfilling relationship without full sex, as it's not the size, but the way he uses it.... Did you have much of an emotional connection? Many things in common? How long were you together in total before you split up?Sometimes some things are more important than sex... but I can see why it would frustrate you. Just don't knock it til you've tried it
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    I do agree with you, and I gave the relationship six months..which is a long time! but the whole "its not how big it is but how you use it"....the point is he couldnt use it! this is what im saying. He had a medical issue thats what im saying. I feel bad because i know i would probably still be with him if we had a sex life.

    Frustration then lead to resentment. not good

    There probably are a lot of better ways you could have (note : could HAVE. not could OF. Could of makes no sense whatsoever) dealt with this situation, yes, but it's a bit irrelevant asking that question after it's all over. What do you hope to gain from the answers here? What's done is done.

    You were in a relationship with a 25 year old guy and never once saw his dick until 6 months in? Seems pretty infeasible.

    Why didnt he get a pump or something?

    Poor guy...


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Updated: May 4, 2012
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