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Would you go into the sex industry to support your child?

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    Nadya Suleman is going into porn to help provide for her children and to pay for the bills.

    Another woman, Alana Evans has spoken out in favour of working in porn to support her child (Fail Mail):

    So, would you?

    Imo: I couldn't.
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    no, theres many other ways to support a family
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    No not really my thing but if people want to do it it's up to them, saying that there are many more ways of proving for your family
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    "What does your mum do for a living jack?"

    "... "
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    No, i'd hand out my CV literally everywhere
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    In a way, you've got to admire her for finding the strength to get out of an abusive relationship, and being able to support herself and her child. She's not really doing any harm, apart from to her reputation. And she could have chosen a lot more dangerous route from a health and personal safety point of view e.g. prostitution.
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    I expect a parent to do absolutely anything that is necessary for their child. I don't really believe the sex industry is often (if ever) the best option available. I am certainly grateful I never had to come to terms with having a porn-star for a mother.
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    Yes, if I'd exhausted all other options.
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    i will give her kudos, granted its not the most ideal way of doing this (as many members of society are judgemental hypocritres) but she is putting her child first.

    Sex is not immorral and id say she is probably a very good mother.
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    Absolutely not. There are always other options.
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    If people paid me to have sex, ye i'd do it for the kids.
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    If there was absolutely no other option available, I would. What if there aren't other options available? Are you supposed to let your family die? I'd do anything to protect my family so I'm guessing when I have kids, that'll be even stronger.
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    I wouldn't have a child if i couldn't support it. If the situation did somehow arise then no i wouldn't. I could find a job doing something else. I actually can't envision a situation where i have a child that is going to starve to death unless i star in a porno.

    I bet some of those people working in the sex industry would rather do that then work somewhere like McDonalds or Burger King. Well i'd rather work in Maccy D's on minimum wage. If people want to work in the sex industry then more power to them but i am not one of those people.
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    Not sure if the question should really be 'should you go into the child industry to support your sex' or 'should you have sex with your child to support the industry?'
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    Heck no. I'd rather get a job at Maccy D's and rely on benefits until I could boost the savings a bit more.
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    What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor because he's hungry? :cry:

    I would sort my ****ing life out and stop being such an irresponsible parent.
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    I don't have a child :lolwut:
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    I definitely would, and have tried many times, but girls just don't seem to be willing to pay.


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Updated: May 7, 2012
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