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Will I be able to get a business/biology undergrad degree with these IB subjects?

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    Assuming I get the following scores with the following subjects:

    English HL-6
    Business & Management HL-7
    Biology HL-7
    Economics SL-6
    Maths STUDIES-7 (no chance of doing SL/HL maths-took sl and got a 2. not happening)
    Spanish ab inito-4/5

    will I be able to get into a respectable US uni and undertake a business/biology degree with these subjects and an 1800-1900 SAT score?

    I am worried that i am taking the wrong subjects for the degrees im looking at.

    people are telling me that these are pisstake subjects. should i be panicking? i am currently finishing year 12. thanks.
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    i'll be honest. most US colleges don't really give a **** what you get in IB, it's more your general highschool performance (GPA, etc.) as well as your SAT (very important) and any other external exam results.

    also, this is more general, but universities tend to be quite lenient on the courses a student took in school. i know people who didn't even take economics in school who went on to study business management.

    as far as 'pisstake subjects' goes: i take three languages, two of them at 'B' level, and i take maths studies. to prove a point, i have an offer to study law at UCL. it's not the courses that matter, it's you. (and how you sell yourself, particularly for american unis!)

    don't worry about it, just keep a good GPA and make sure your academic profile looks polished. and good luck!


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