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How much study leave do you get?

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    Hi all,

    How much study leave do you get when you are working and studying towards accountancy qualifications? eg. CIMA? and do you have to take a day of annual leave when you take a day of study leave?

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    Stupid question - it depends on your employer and their policy.
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    (Original post by Gunned)
    Stupid question - it depends on your employer and their policy.
    I don't believe its a stupid question. If anything it would be good for prospective job hunters to know what is available on the market so that when it comes to deciding whether to take a particular job or not they can at least be informed about what industry practice's are.
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    Despite you clearly negging me, I'll offer my experience.

    I'm at a Big 4 firm, studying the ACA. We do three knowledge papers at a time and typically have a week off for each one and sit the exams at the end of that three-week period.
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    Hey fool, i didnt neg you, but now that i saw that YOU negged me i did the same right bac at you. jeez whats your problem. actually dont answer that, i dont want this thread to be bombarded with your useless comments
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    Try to keep this thread on track please.

    The amount of study you get will be highly dependent on the firm and service line. For example, KPMG Tax is now taught in a solid 9 month programme.


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Updated: May 5, 2012
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