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Would you vote Boris Johnson for PM?

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    I am quite a fan of Boris. I think not only has he good some clever ideas, but he is also one of those rare politicians that isn't incredibly dull. So I think he would make a good prime minister.

    So I was wondering, if he did run for prime minister, would anyone actually vote for him?

    Would you?
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    If he became leader of the Tory party and had some credible policies it would definitely tempt me back into the fold. I wouldn't want him to run on a ticket of having an amnesty for illegal immigrants, that would be a definitely be a no- no for me.
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    I do have a soft spot for Boris, but naaaaaah
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    Because he wouldn't be standing as an MP for York (North) and I'm not a member of the Conservative Party.

    Hardly anybody would be. You know that's not how it works in this country, yes?
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    (Original post by Drewski)
    Hardly anybody would be. You know that's not how it works in this country, yes?
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    Even if I lived within the right constituency, I'd avoid it at all costs because he's a moron who gets by on charisma.
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    He comes across as charismatic and a nice chap but . . .

    1) he's a tory

    2) he's a bumbling bafoon

    3) he's just some posh toff who doesn't know about normal people (although this true for many labour MPs these days)

    4) he should become a comedian or tv presenter
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    I'm pretty sure we don't have to vote. Therefore, I will not vote for anyone except for the invisible man next to me. Mummy says he's my imagination, but I think she's crazy.
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    Yeah. I'm no Tory, but Boris is awesome.
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    Yes. Boris is the sort of person who's likeable enough to make everyone unite behind him, and so if he were Prime Minister he could actually get things done. Trying to do what you think is necessary to sort the country out, even if it turns out not to work, is far preferable to doing nothing because of dissent within your own party.
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    No. However, he is massively funny.
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    I highly doubt he'd run in my constituency, and I'd not vote for the Tories either.
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    who thinks we should ban politicians from using rhetoric???
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    If we became a republic, he'd definitely be getting my vote for president.
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    Amnesty for illegal immigrants and campaign for a living wage.

    Sounds a refreshing change from most Tories...
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    Depends on who is on the other side. And naturally what Johnson's stances are, which could easily change from now till his running for PM.
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    He is interesting candidate and i would like to read his profile at first, then i can think about to vote him.
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    (Original post by annabelisme)
    I am quite a fan of Boris. I think not only has he good some clever ideas

    ... like what exactly?
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    He says he stands for traditional Tory values but I think he'd go straight to the centre-right of politics if he became PM. We need a Conservative PM that actually stands for the right of the party. Consensus politics is awful.

    As a member of the Conservative party I'll see who stands for the next leadership election before I decide.


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Updated: May 15, 2012
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