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Natural Sciences Timetable

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    I am hopefully going to Birmingham this year to do Natural Sciences - with Chem and Maths majors.

    Does anyone have a weekly timetable that I can see?

    Thank you!
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    I don't have a weekly timetable as I'm not doing Natural Sciences but I know a few Nat Sci students - they do seem to have busier than average timetables, with up to 26 hours of contact time some weeks. Your timetable will depend on which modules you choose to do. Seeing as Chemistry'll be one of your majors, you'll probably have labs 2-6 most Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you'll probably have early starts.
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    okay thank you for letting me know!
    would you be able to find out an actual timetable at all?
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    (Original post by blubber_dushi)
    okay thank you for letting me know!
    would you be able to find out an actual timetable at all?
    I don't think I would, sorry! The different departments distribute their timetables in different ways, and again it'll depend on which modules you end up choosing.
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    okay thanks anyways.
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    Nat Sci students only have chemistry labs 2-6 on Tuesdays, not Thursdays. I just tried to look, but unfortunately I don't have access to any 1st year Nat Sci timetables
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    My friend is 2nd year chem/maths and I do maths. Let me tell you, Natscis have upwards of 26 hours of contact a week, some as early as 9am and some finishing as late as 6pm. Be prepared!
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    I'm a biology/geology NatSci and yep the timetable is pretty packed. I can't access the chem/maths timetables but I have friends doing them, and I think the workload is similar for all of the majors. Though you may end up with a lot of chemistry labs.

    A basic week for me is labs (5hrs), tutorials (2hrs) and lectures (lots!).
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    sorry for a late reply but thanks everyone - it's really useful to know!

    is chem labs definitely only once a week? Also how often are there assessed chemistry practicals?

    also for the minor subject, what are the choices you have to pick from?


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