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I need some advice on college

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    Basically I suffer from personality disorder and anorexia.

    I was sectioned twice this college year and after had to wait months for college to make a decision to let me back in. They decided I could with an LSA but the LSA was extremely unproffessional and lost her job...Now I've been back for 15 days and I recieve and email telling me that I'm not well enough to be in college, can sit my Drama A level but will have to study from home and then can't go back until September if they feel I'm well enough then.

    I feel like this is because they can't replace the LSA and not because of my actual health. And by emailing me it gave me no chance to discuss.

    I'm not sure what to do.

    Why are your school telling you that you are not well, shouldn't you be telling them?

    i like The Illuminati said!
    go in and argue your corner who are they to tell you how you feel?
    best of luck with the condition though and i hope you get better soon!
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    They're saying that I'm not eating enough, look tired and cold and that it shows I'm not coping.

    But personally I think it's all because they can't employ a new LSA that they are telling me I can't come back in because nothing significant has happened and I've mainly stuck to my side of the bargain except for 1 or 2 bad days when I haven't drunk my fortijuce.

    I'm not supposed to go on campus, I'll try and argue my case, but more than likely they will just throw me off.

    Thank you

    Personally I think what they are doing is wrong. They can't prevent you from doing your exams for those reasons if you are keeping your side of the bargain. A few tiny slip-ups doesn't mean they can throw you off.
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    Thanks, it's just hard to get them to listen...am i right in thinking this is discrimination?

    From my (limited) experience this is sadly quite common... maybe find someone in college who is "on your side" who is willing to communicate with you to help you fight your case to those in charge?. Also, maybe your GP will help, and write a note saying you're well enough.
    I'm not sure it is classed as discrimination because your college has to feel that you're not in danger while you're there


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