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Any help greatly appreciated :)

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    Hi there.. Basically, I am currently doing an MA (which I finish in September). As part of the MA I have to complete a placement over the summer.

    Because we have to fit the placement into a specific time period before we begin to write our dissertations, I have had to cut back my working hours to just do weekends. I'm finding it really difficult to find the money for rent etc, as well as paying transport to and from my placement. (The uni is reimbursing us a small amount for travel - although this will not cover all of the travel, and I have to find enough money to pay for it before they will reimburse me after they have seen the receipts etc).

    I really don't want to leave the course as I am so close to finishing and have already paid for it in full.

    It just doesn't make any sense how they expect us to pay so much for the course, support ourselves throughout it and then even become out of pocket due to a course requirement (the placement). Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am just really confused as to what I can do.
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    Would applying for a career development loan from Barclays or the Co-op help you? (that is unless you already have).

    I know it's not ideal but that's the only advice I can offer I'm afraid.
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    Thanks for your reply I have considered this route.. but I know that you have to start paying them back at extremely high interest rates as soon as you graduate.. which isn't ideal considering the current climate with regards to jobs etc! But I guess this might have to be the solution if I can't figure anything else out


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